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Disorderly Conduct

Have I mentioned that I have a mental problem? This is how it works... I begin a project (any ol' project - doesn't matter what) and I MUST finish the project (no matter how silly the project may be... No matter how exhausted I am). What kind of disorder is that? 'Cause I need to call in for get-over-it medication!

I've been working with a new printing company so that Thriftyville will be less expensive. Apparently though, I drive slow around the learning curve so I apologize in advance for any posts that may likely be charming but insane.


  1. Huh??!!?!?! That's a disease?? Well, I've been "diseased" and not known it?? Dang. Could it be called "OCD" by any chance???? Plus I have NOTICED any "charmingly insane" posts, sweet chickadee!!! Gotta run, have an appt. this morning with my psychiatr.......uhhhhh, my "doctor"!! Toodles and smoochies,

  2. LOL ..Oh you are so-so insane..
    but we are glad you are doing this , hope to buy a book after you get'r all together girlfriend(:) Hugs Patty

  3. Hello Dear sweet Polly,

    Yes, those are Jacks. The white one is Mack and he is from a litter we had 10 1/2 years ago. The one with black is Scout and he is a rescue..we know nothing about him and think this may be his last summer with us. He is very old, we/ve had him 9 years ago and he is having old age issues. The pool boy is Jackson Brown and he is 1. He is our funny little man and brings us so much happiness. So sorry to hear that your Jack was run over :( Glad to hear you have another dog. :) Puppies are a hand ful. We had 6 little ones and it was very hard to let them go to new homes. Thanks for praying :)
    God bless you. Warmly and a big HUG, Deb

  4. I *wish* I had that disorder!! I just like to dream 'em up and then start but finish?? No, there are hundreds of unfinished projects around here!

  5. I, too wish I had that...instead I have ADD..attention design DH calls is "jumping"

  6. That isn't such a bad disorder to have though! Most people start and never finish!!

  7. Coming by to tell you you've been tagged. Hope you don't mind!!

    hugs from the Netherlands, Dutchy3/Marian/Princess OF Pink

  8. You're not any different that the rest of us.... ;) Love the cute image! ;)

  9. I think it's a gene. I've got that same gene, and I can't stop. It's terrible, but when I am done with the project I'm so very pleased; pleased as punch. Kathi


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