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Is there anything I own that's NOT a trash to treasure transformation?! There's always some project waiting in the garage for me to work on but I rarely take photos of the "before" so I'll have to just show you the "afters". I love this little cart on wheels! I use it everyday. Of course I had to add a flower or two =)

My best find, of course, is the pink stove!

This old door is waiting to become a counter top. It and the sofa were waterlogged on the curb last Fall.

All dried out and I only had to put some pillows on it!
The old bed we got on one of buying trips up north (toward Door County).

And it's matching dresser - I use it as a buffet. (ugh - still hate that wallpaper - I gotta paint!)

The tall cabinet on the left is another Goodwill find (shh.. it's bursting at the seams with fabric)

This old oven top makes a great shelf!

Last Summer hubby made an outdoor dressing room for the kids. It has a working portable potty so when the kids are swimming, they can use this instead of tracking their sloppy wet bods through the house. I guess it's not really a trash to treasure but it's definitely a gem to me!

The greatest trash to treasure example at my house is myself! I could say that I used to be lonely and abused and God gave me a husband who's my best friend. I could say I used to cheat on my ex and God saved me from myself. I could tell you all the things I used to be but they were just outward signs of the struggle that was inside. When I finally gave in, He rescued me - transformed me! Here's a word you can take to heart and depend on: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. I'm proof—Public Sinner Number One—of someone who could never have made it apart from sheer mercy. And now he shows me off—evidence of his endless patience—to those who are right on the edge of trusting him forever. (written by the Apostle Paul)

Be sure to stop by and visit all the Sunday Show and Tell participants. Hugs to Analise and Cherri for hosting - thank you, thank you!

Sunday Note: Because the Bible says that honoring the Sabbath is sign of the covenant between God and us - forever, I take Sundays as a day of rest. To honor Him, my Sunday posts are prepared the day before and any questions or orders that come through on Sundays will be responded to on Monday. Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. Oh my gosh, sweetpea, that little outdoor shower is ADORABLE!! And the pink stove, and the dresser, and the sofa, and the kitchen cart!!!! But you are the sunshine in that house, dear one.........

  2. Now I'm really drooling!!!!! These are just the best things I've seen in a long while!!!!! I agree with Connie --- you ARE a TRUE treasure!!! Thanks so much for your prayer for me on my blog tonight! I can't tell you how much it meant to me! How wonderful to find such great friends in Christ through blogging like this!


  3. Oh my goodness, that pink stove, be still my heart.


  4. I love your style, and analogy!
    I have one of your Bailey's cups. They're so cute.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Brenda :)

  5. Everything you have touched is just Beauitful!!! I really do love your style. One day I would really like to see all your fabric in the beautiful cabinet. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Lovely pieces Polly! Love that pink stove with your china on top!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  7. Sister Polly!
    IF I were to see that Pink stove at a garage sale... I HOPE I wouldn't knock down a few people trying to get to it to buy it. HEHAOAOAOAOO
    I LOVE the roses creamer/sugar on top of it; and THINK it matches mine!
    I WISH I could pop over to your house for a visit... I WANT TO SEE MORE! Do you have a place I can see more pictures? YOU SO INSPIRE ME!
    HAVE a beeeautiful sabbath day,

  8. Love that pink stove!

  9. I have a pink toilet and pink basin which you can freely have.
    Pity about distance.
    I moved the green from the main bathroom and transformed your theme....but my en suite is not yet redeemed, transformed or beautiful.
    Functional is at best.

  10. That outdoor-dressingroom, wow... that's amazing!!! I think it will look nice in our garden too! But I don't think my hubby is willing to create it! All your furniture looks so lovely, and that pink stove, I want that one too!!!

  11. Hi Polly!! Your home is just gorgeous as can be. So comfortable and soothing and filled with charm and love.

    Hope all is going great for you and yours,

  12. Wow! the outdoor outhouse is cute. LOL Your trash 2 treasure items are lovely! I need to get busy!!! Man, I have so much to learn. :) xoxo, Joanna

  13. Love you!!
    YOU are a treasure for

    and I love your finds
    what a neat dressing room
    for the kids!!!
    and the cupboard
    oh open it up for us to
    see the fabric!!!
    hugs, Deena

  14. omg. I love all of your items! The outdoor dressing room for the kids is so cute. And who doesn't want a pink stove! So adorable. Thanks and take care. Di

  15. NO WAY! A pink stove?...that is the best find I have seen so far. I love all your other treasures too. You have a great eye for transforming trash to treasure!

  16. Lovely treasures as always! So glad to hear how Christ is working in your life. Thank you for the links to scripture.

  17. That pink stove caught my eye. Awesome!
    Such great treasures!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  18. what a warm and wonderful home...and all these things that you made and transformed...! I am so glad you shared. I love seeing other blogger's homes...

  19. Oh Polly,

    You have lovely romatic touches all over your home. I can't believe you found that great big cabinet! What a score :) I love your out door room too!


  20. i love the oven top, and basically everything that you have done. Thanks for sharing your trash to treasure.

  21. Your always have the best stuff. I love everything. What a lucky girl to have a pink stove. But I must say you are the best treasure in that house. I think you are very inspiring.

  22. Oh, I know that stealing is a sin, but can I come steal your pink stove! It's pinkalicious!!!!!

  23. Beeeeautiful treasures :) I especially love your little cart with the roses.

  24. What great finds! I love the stove top shelf with the cups on it and the pink stove too! What a pretty couch too.

  25. Hi Polly!

    Okay, I am DYING over your pink stove! So jealous!!

    Everything looks just beautiful, as always!


  26. Your trash to treasures are wonderful. Love the pink stove.

    How thankful I am that Jesus takes us as we are and transforms us from sinners to saints. Thanks for your post.

  27. I love everything to bits!!! I don't know which is my favorite... the pink stove or the red stove shelf! Flat out GORGEOUS! Happy Day!

  28. Hi Polly, I'm late popping over, but wanted to say hello. Your pink stove is magnificent as is the stove shelf. Very nice indeed. And the outdoor potty is a fabulous idea if I ever heard one. God's Blessings to you!

  29. just love this post on so many levels ~ thankyou!
    alicia ~ time worn style

  30. Oh I love how this post came full circle! Your home has so many special places! That cabana is precious.

  31. Love, love, love your cute pink cart on wheels! Of course, it can't help but be cute painted pink!

  32. The pink stove is totally to die for! Thanks for visiting my blog -- I'm so glad I came to yours!

  33. Preach it girl! You speak to so many. Love all the transformations, yourself included.

  34. Gotta love that stove!!! Was it a MaryKay special?? ;-)

    Fun stuff!

  35. Hello Polly,
    Love all your beautiful treasures...
    I love your home too. Everythings is
    just lovely. Thanks for sharing and
    love that your so bold with the Word.. and blessed Thank you Pinkie Denise

  36. Just LOVE that pink stove. What an amazing find!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  37. Now ,that STOVE is a treasure! How fun is that?! I do agree, the biggest trash to treasure story is that God takes us , forgives, us and changes us!
    Have a great week!

  38. Polly, your home is just beautiful! I love that little table in the kitchen, the pink stove, the dresser, ALL of it. So warm & inviting. Thanks so much for sharing your faith & your lovely home!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  39. Polly you are such a treasure and such a Blessing, as always I am so happy to have found your blog. I look forward to visiting here and seeing your beautiful are a big encouragement to look for things like this instead of buying something full price and new. Thank you for sharing everything with us, I have gone pink crazy lately and have such an obsession with it, your stove is just amazing! I have said many times I would make it up to Door county, maybe this summer!
    Enjoy your week!


  40. I just adore your home Polly with its simple elegance...stunning! Wish I could walk right in and have a tour!


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