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We're so busy with Vacation Bible School this week, I only have brains enough to doodle. I can't think of even one intelligent thing to write. I'm exhausted to the point of delirium... or maybe it's realization. I've discovered this week that I'm a horrid action photographer (those little vbs kids are fast!); that my teenager can stay with grandma and grandpa to get away from being grounded at home; that my ex-husband has lost weight and I have gained; that everyone really is a critic; and why - oh why- must our personal lives always fall apart in public? Why don't children feel the need to use discretion? It's the week of VBS - Couldn't they choose to air our laundry next week? Must we hang the tattered skivvies in the front yard? Please - tell me that someday we'll only have pretty dainties hanging on the line! SOME-day?


  1. Excuse me while I bring in my laundry from the front yard line that everyone has seen!!! Hmmmmm.... You are going to have to trust me that it does INDEED get better, sweet little bird!!!!!!
    Smoochies for such a bad/hard week,

  2. Hhmmmm, it sounds like someone needs to buy herself a nice box of chocolate, soak away some troubles and perhaps read about some of David's tough times.
    I will pray that in the future this moment in time will be laughed about.
    Blessing to you sweetie. I'm off to put as much of my dirty laundry into the wash, company's coming and there's not space enough to hide it all. :)

  3. Yes, some day we WILL have pretty dainties hanging on the God's country Polly!!!

  4. Bless you sweet Polly, hug and more hugs! Life happens...but we have this moment! Love, Rachel


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