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Social Graces

Thanks for being such good pals over the last week & a half =) It's still going to be stressful for a few more weeks and then an Oh-So-Sweet-Summer-Break!! I gave my brain a rest from the situation over the weekend and worked on something fun. It's been churning in with all my other hairbrained ideas for a while now.

Go Take a Look... What do you think? Have I lost it for certain??


  1. POLLY~~~~
    Oh Love the SocialGraces idea looks so pretty too..
    Yup borrowed that cute pic from you dear(:)hehe~~~~~
    "So sorry about your sis"
    I know I am lucky ``so lucky`` we are so close..She is the only sibling I have ~!!! So if it didn't work I would have been out of luck ~~very sad thought..
    well maybe someday you and your sis will be close too.. hugs Patty

  2. Polly, I love the idea of giving away what we don't need anymore! Fantastic idea!!!! I wanted the cherubs but I sure don't need them, I will let someone else have those...sigh!
    Donna Lynn

  3. Ohhh... Miss Polly, this done sound like fun :0)
    Must sort through my "good stash" for something to add.
    It's exciting..


  4. Polly,

    You are just as crazy as I am, always starting something new (when I don't even have time for what I already have going!!!)! My friend who claims she is not an idea person once told me I was "inspiring" because I have so many ideas flowing through my head all the time. I told her that it is actually exhausting being me. I wish my mind was still and quiet sometimes and no ideas were spewing out. Is it exhausting being you? LOL!

    Really, it is an absolutely lovely idea and I am sure it will bring you much happiness and fun in life!

    Enjoy it!



  5. No Polly you havent lost it ! It all looks great. You did a fantastic job putting it together. Thanks for emailing me and asking my opinion, i was so flattered.
    I am going to add a gift or 2 today :)

    Love Ya

  6. I dont think you are crazy, i think it's a lovely idea! I just dont know how you keep up with all the things you do:>) You do sleep sometimes dont you?

  7. Nooo your not crazy! I love it..
    I'm so ready for Summer Break too!
    Your are so inspiring... not crazy..

  8. So happy to have found your blog(s)!! And God bless you for your free banners, your giving spirit, & your novel ideas! I will hunt for a wonderful treasure to add to your "Social Graces" soon! What fun!!!!

    I've already added you to my blog favs & blogged about you tonight! I'm using one of your dressform banners! It inspired tonight's post.....Please stop by when you get a chance.

    Angelic Accents

  9. My dear Ms. Blessing Counter, this morning I was counting my blessings and your blog came up as one of them! I wanted to stop by and let you know that your blog is a feature of my Show and Tell post today. I have linked back to you and to the Social Graces site for easy access. Thanks for having such an inviting blog!

    I'll be checking out Social Graces as it sounds like a lot of fun! I love putting together gifts and it is so much fun to be a blessing to others! This sounds like my cup of tea!

    Have a blessed day!

  10. Look at how everyone is featuring you! "Miss Blessing Counter" that was funny! Your new idea is a good one and a fun one :) And I was you want to trade that scrapbook for the Victoria's?

  11. What a thoughtful idea, Polly. I look forward to seeing how it progresses!

    Thanks for stopping by my sister's blog!

    God bless,
    Brenda :)

  12. that looks like long are you going to run this............ and I pray that your God give you peace and rest and restoration for what ever it is that you are going through... He is able to be our everything...


  13. Can't wait to see the progress! Looks like fun. Hugs***Renea

  14. Don't kill me...can't find your mailing address AGAIN...

  15. Hi Polly: I have been trying to post a comment, without much luck. I wanted to tell you I think you are amazing with all you do. I don't know how you manage. Dianne

  16. trying again. see above comment

  17. Hi Polly, this is a wonderful idea...sounds like lots of fun. You have the neatest idea..I don't know how you do it, but I'm sure glad you do:). Hugs, Linda

  18. This is a very charming post! I love the variety!

    Also, thanks for the Name Maker link. I realize the coupon has expired, but I love know about the services.

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Oooo Polly!!! This will be great fun!! I will join in soon!


  20. Polly, What an absolutely adorable idea. It makes the gift I have for you over on my blog, pale in comparison, but I still wanted to wish you a happy may day sweet Polly! Love,Rachel


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