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Round n Round

A huge Thank You for all your marvelous comments yesterday!! Did you read through any of them? You should take a moment to open the comment section under the Oprah clip. Tell me this isn't gathering together!! (tags: antique paperie)

And a thank you to Miss Shabby In The City for showing me the Magnolia Pearl car! WoW!!!

It's not a bus =) but I it's still pretty darn cool! By the way, did ya'll notice that her book release is pushed back to September/October? UGH. We'll just have to get our fill of scrumdillyumpscious pretties for now by looking at all the great Round Top photos. See Curious Sofa and Heather Bullard.

We're doing SAT prep 'round here! But I had a few minutes yesterday to add some more free banners if anyone is interested.


  1. A lifted Rolls. And I thought I had seen everything...til now. hehe. Love it.

    Thank you sooo much for the free banner. The one I chose fits me just right and I'm ever so thankful to you. If you'd like to see it then email me and I'll invite you (my blog is now private). Thank you again!

    ladyjanesjournal at gmail dot com

  2. By the way, I've given you sweet credit on my latest blog post, for the new banner.

    SAT time. Those were the days! Whew! I'll be thinking of you...and praying.

  3. Love the car! What fun! Your blog is such a blast to visit, I enjoy it every time, hope you have a blessed day today...we are so happy here it is finally sunny and getting warmer, maybe I will garden this week!
    Donna Lynn

  4. Sweet Polly,
    You always have the best blog and so creative! I IMMEDIATELY recognized the "sherri" tags...always to die for....I have like BOXES of tags coming from her...and boxes from you coming! YOU ARE THE BEST. Yes, I read the comments about Oprah... God is in control, NOT Oprah.... too much power...

  5. For pity sake, my husband's retort to my new bloggie-banner:

    "What's that light in the cup? What's in there? Some kind of radioactive material? Are you going to give me some? I'm not drinking it."

    I've determined that some things are just plain lost when it comes to the male persuasion. sigh. wink.

  6. Hi Polly,
    Love the car, it's so cute. I'm so happy about all the positive remarks on Oprah. I am so glad you posted it.

    LeAnn :)

  7. Oh you saw it! I so want that car!

  8. Hello, just found your blog. I too have pics of Heather and Carol as well as the Magnolia ride. Please check out my blog. I really enjoyed yours, Theresa


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