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Old School

About 7 or 8 years ago I used to make alot of these bracelets from vintage typewriter keys. My dad's a welder so he cuts off the shanks for me and uses a grinder to get the backs all smooth (it's a TON of work to do on your own but he makes it look easy - 'cause he's a superhero dad with awesome tools!).

Unfortunately, the old typewriters are definitely not easy to find any more (and expensive when you do find them) so I haven't made any bracelets for about a year.

However, I came across an old Underwood a couple weeks ago. So... I borrowed the superhero for about a half hour and put together two bracelets. They're on the website. (Along with some spare loose keys for someone who might like to do some crafting.)

I've never seen a "Shift Freedom" key so I think that must be an unusual one. (?)

I love the old fashioned letter type but I'm so grateful that we have computers now! It really wasn't that long ago... Even 20 years ago... At a large law firm, we were typing on electric typewriters (with carbon paper) and there was only 3 computers for the entire office! Old-School is retro and lovely but there are some aspects of the bygone that I'm definitely glad have been modernized!

btw... these cool letters are FREE from Dover Samplers HERE.


  1. Polly, I have seen these bracelets before at a shop locally. They are so cute and you're right, old typewriters don't come easily anymore. I'll have to check yours out. Blessings.

    LeAnn :)

  2. Good memories. I learnt to type on one of those and had one at home for a long time. I did most of my study on electric typewriters or small manual ones and all the correcting papers were horrible. My last subject for my masters was done after a 10 yr gap and I did it on computer and cannot believe how wonderful it was. I wonder how much better my marks would have been had it all been in the computer age.

  3. OH My Gosh, Polly, I had to order that cute bracelet...goodness that is cute! I'm so glad I stopped in before I left for work. I just love love love that :)

    Okay, off to the jungle!


  4. Wow...sold out already!! They are beautiful Polly! Are you going to make more?

  5. Oh, the memories. I took "Beginning Typing" in high school, on a manual typewriter. The following year - "Advanced Typing" - on an electric typewriter! My kids just look at me sidways when I tell them that! I LOVE your idea about the bracelets. But, it makes me feel old that you are having a hard time finding the old manuals! Love, Esther

  6. The bracelets are a great idea!

    The gorgeous rose printed fabric has arrived from you - thanks for the little notebook too, you are so kind. I'm going to line glazed cupboard doors with it....when I get a moment....


  7. Polly,
    So glad I was able to snag one of your typewriter key bracelets early this morning...have always wanted one, so I am excited. You have such darn cute stuff and I seem to be addicted to your stuff now!
    Big Hugs,

  8. Polly ~ Those are awesome !! that does bring back memories of typing class, just hearing the keys clicking and the retun bars moving ~
    Wow !! isn't that amazing that that is so old school now ~

  9. Awesome bracelets Polly:>) By the way, it sounds like you might have a fancy stash of buttons somewhere, why don't you show us!?

  10. I had never seen typewriter keys made into bracelets before. What a neat idea!!

  11. oh my goodness!! I loooooove these!
    I have used some in a collage I did awhile ago ( it's in the store by the way)
    good job Polly!
    Please make some more!!
    Happy Tuesday.

  12. Awesome. I have never seen these before. They are so stunning....Mary

  13. How lovely these bracelets are!

    BTW ~ I've come over from Alison at Brocante Home, and am going to give you a BIG HUG for the free blog headers you've so generously made up! They're divine!
    xo Kali

  14. NEAT bracelets..and thanks for the links to the letters!!

    your friend, Deena

  15. oh these are great....think it is the first time that I have visited oyur blog and I am enjoying it immensley.



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