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Darling-est Things

What do you think of the new ebay template? I'm head over heels for it. I spent hours searching ebay for the right one (sounds like me, right?!). The designer is Emjuni - and there were quite a few lovely designs to choose from. I wish I could find a way to use my regular banner to make an ebay template but until I get a little more template savy, we'll stick with what we know: buy it from someone else =)
I know they're black but these are my Easter shoes. When I stopped by the shop last week, Jeanine had gotten in the darling-est romantic heels! I had to get a pair. They're RUBBER! I bought some of the flipflops from this company last year and they were amazing. Just imagine... if I wanted to, I could tromp around in mudpuddles all day and not ruin these babies! (If you're interested in a pair, call Jeanine at 815-962-1234) It's ok that they're black and it's Easter, right?! Afterall, I'm wearing an ankle-length silky grey petticoat... Will you show us what your Easter outfit is?


  1. Gorgeous eBay template!!! Love it! And I can't believe those shoes have rubber heels! They are quite darling!

  2. I love the know you can do it with your template....I have been teaching myself html coding for a while now....its all kind of the same formular...and the creative bit you can do in photoshop! - also love the shoes - are the heels rubber? I want a pair! lovely stuff! Ill be out and about at bootsales this easter, so ill be wearing my cath kidston star wellies - not very glam! but comfy!! CUsooon luv Happy xx

  3. Polly, LLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE the shoes. I'm a heely girl...wear heels everyday, and those are so adorable. That they are rubber just makes them all the better. Your skirt sounds beautiful. Happy Easter. Love,Rachel

  4. Hi Polly,

    I love your template and those shoes are adorable!


  5. Your new template is really wonderful.
    And the shoes.....I LOVE them...I'm a shoe girl, too!

  6. Your template is wonderful!!I think it is great and those shoes are SO darling, and rubber? Wow how cool.
    Happy Easter!!

  7. I think your new template is wonderful and fits you!


  8. I know that the Father God will give you the exact words to speak.... :) I pray that you have an Easter Sunday filled with laughter and joy....... and the power of the risen Lord..........

    I will pray

  9. p.s. looooooooooooooooove those shoes...............

  10. Hi Polly! I didn't know you could buy templates off Ebay! Ilove yours. Happy EAster......and your dining room looks like something out of a mag. cherry

  11. That template is great! I also love the shoes!! You'll have to let us know how they felt wearing them all day! :)


  12. Love your shoes....they are great for an Aussie winter coming up.....except my high heel days have gone the way of hip/knee replacements. Darn it. I loved them.
    I love all your little places on the side. Must check my Word for the Day devotional and see if I can get it to link on. Might be a bit outside my expertise.
    I get my book one from rhema fm 96.3 where I used to announce, but like the online one as well. You have inspired me to investigate.
    He is risen...... Allelujah

  13. Happy Easter Miss Polly! Looooove the shoes!!!xo

  14. i followed the link and the ebay banner didn't load. Sigh. But that is okay, I came for the shoes, anyway! Rubber you say?????


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