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The Best Things In Life Are...

Ever count your chickens before they're hatched? Adding up what you almost have? Since I've used up my allowance for the week =), I'm counting unhatched blessings for another day. And in that vain, here's some scrumdillyumpscious free stuff for the weekend...
Cath Kidston is having an Easter Egg Decorating Competition. The winner receives an Easter basket full of fabric! (click photo to redirect) Just email a picture of the egg - how free is that?!

Martha Stewart has a workshop for making these elegant eggs. (click photo to redirect) Rich looking, but not costly.

Country Living (British ed) is having their Spring Fair this weekend (click photo to redirect) and you can stop by Yorkshire Tea to receive a free cup of your favorite tea!

Rachel Ashwell's DVD's are available for pre-order (thank you, JoAnne, for letting me know) so enjoy some browsing time this weekend choosing between the 3 available videos.

And the dealers are setting up this week for the Marburger Farm Antique Show . Magnolia Pearl put out a new youtube of their booth set-up. Can you imagine having to do all that? For those of us on the other side of the country, wouldn't you love to go to Marburger someday? I've heard that it's one of the more expensive shows. But hey, it doesn't cost anything to drool!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of these good things. I've spent just a little too much time with e-bay this week and need some free fun too!!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I tell ya..this is gonna sound cheesy that is one reason why I wanted to move to Texas!!! LOL!!
    Happy Spring.

  3. I have made those Martha Stewart eggs before and they are FABULOUS!

  4. Thank you for "alterting" me to the Rachel Ashwell dvds... they made it swiftly onto my wish list!


  5. Thank you for all of these links....Mary

  6. Love the MP video!!! I can see us doing that LOL!

  7. you know about all the best stuff!

  8. Nice colorful eggs! Yes, like ém...

    Sometimes, i do count my unhatch egg of course...§:-)

    Nice site & keep up the good work. I may peep your room often so, i get some ideas to my newly bought house.

    Here's the link for my swedishblog:
    And below is my Philippine english blog

    Hope to see U there sometimes.

    Enjoy the Easter,


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-- Author Unknown

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