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The Horizon

No pen cap yet... One child in the principals office yesterday (the same one that was in there the previous day)... A certain four year old has become attached to a certain four letter word... Even though it's Friday, I'm stepping trepidly into my day... almost afraid of what's waiting for me.
Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Last weekend I set my heart to the sad but true... I've let some tasks come before responsibilities. And I set about changing my rhythm this week, making what's right be right and the menial to follow after. And the rain and hail began to pound at the windows! Blindly, I looked past the fact that it's "Spiritual Emphasis Week" at the school my older boys attend. And the winds blew hard, 'til our shutters clattered. Though I'm sure some would challenge me on this, or doubt it at the very least... there's a spiritual war tromping through! And to that I say...

(Lyrics Here)

Let the rain fall down from the sky above,Let the tempest roar ‘til it’s had enough, (let the wind blow)Let the world give all the hurt it can,Let the evil one devise his plans, (let the wind blow)Let the rain fall down from the sky above,Let the tempest roar ‘til it’s had enough,

I’m trusting in the Lord of love


  1. How on earth did he swallow the pen cap??????? Oh boy...the things you have to look out for...LOL

  2. What an awesome song Polly! I'd never heard that but I just love it.


  3. Hi Polly,
    I'm trusting too!

    Love the song ~ thanks for sharing, made me feel good.


  4. Polly ~ I love that song ! Thank you for posting it on your blog ~ it was a nice moment from my day ~

  5. Hey Sis - LOVE that song, listened to it 3 times already, I have never heard that one. I have added it to my playlist now :)
    Sometimes we have to say "Devil, you can try, you can bring the thunder and the rain and downpour - the barrage of storms....and I Will trust in my God! For He will always protect us from harm. Hallelujah!"

    How in the world does one swallow a pen cap? I am thinking of the Bic pen caps...about an inch long..Oh my goodness - thank the Lord above no choking happened. And yes, It will pass - what goes in, must come out! heehee:)
    hugs sweet girl - Sher


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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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