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Last week I got a call from an elderly friend whose wife passed away just before Thanksgiving. He said, "Shirley was a fan of jewelry..." When he asked if I'd like to come over and pick out a few things, I was touched to tears. I love these two people so dearly. You can imagine how I cherish this charm bracelet with the Holy Bible, Sewing Machine and old typewriter charms. She loved to sew and she loved roses too! We had such similar tastes.

But I can't even tell you the hug I felt around my heart when I saw the mustard seed! If you don't know the story of the mustard seed you can read it here. A perfect symbol of Shirley!

But this is not a sad post. Remember Monday's should be fun! So I drummed up a freebie. Although this coupon says it was reserved just for me, I found it online and anyone can use it - YAY! Free Charm bracelet (or necklace) and there's lots of other free stuff too!! You'll have to pay the shipping but I've answered all the 25 pages of annoying "Do You Want to Receive this Offer" questions so all you have to do is add it to your cart!

And I found this one on ioffer for $35. Not free but pretty cool AND we get to check out ioffer!
Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Polly, What a lovely remembrance from a treasured friend. Linda

  2. charming...i have been prevented from commenting here for a while...not that i didn't want to...blessings today, rebecca

  3. Lovely and so touching that he thought of you.
    Can't WAIT to see your website..

  4. Polly, what a treasure from a beloved friend and how wonderful that he thought of you to share with.


  5. How special was that.... that will be something that you can treasure for a long time... and WHAT WEB SITE? do you have another web site that I have not seen??????? please let me know when it is open...... I have been trying to build one for a year now but I am always so busy and never find time to get back to it..... anyway.. You comment on my blog about Jean moved me to tears..... thank you for your tenderness... I do love her so and I will miss her...


  6. Oh Wow...I just love old charm thoughtful of your friends husband to think of you...what a treasure it must be!



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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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