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We're busy changing our decor from Christmas to a mix of Winter off-whites and Valentine romance. In the meantime, here's a wonderful little shoppe that I was in last weekend.
(click photo to enlarge if you'd like) Vintage Faire is set in the little town of Barrington, IL. Historic buildings that have been converted into stores. I bought an assortment of ribbons with french sayings on them and a cool stamp set.

I'd love to put together a Lovely Destinations link for all of us to use when we're traveling. Where are your favorite romantic shopping spots?


  1. Hi Polly, Boy would I love to visit Vintage Faire. I spent so much time at your blog following all the links. It was fun. I am glad you liked the napkins. xo Lynn

  2. Love your blog!!
    and your links..
    smiles, deena

    I'm in Illinois, perhaps when
    I'll all healed..I can find Barrington!!

  3. Oh gosh!! I'm drooling!
    You know, good question! I can't think of anything here off hand..that's sad.

  4. Oh yeah...LOOOVE the banner and pictures!

  5. What a lovely shop! I wish I could shop there.....

    We have some great Antique Malls here, but no real shabby type shops. The best antique mall in Hendersonville, NC is called Needful Things...

  6. Polly, what a beautiful place to shop, we sooo want to be there :) You Blog is a fabulous one, we alwsy love to visit and trail off somewhere on a link!! Jenn and Jacqui

  7. Oh wow! Such elegance, almost a shop one would dream about :) we don't have many like that here... BUT I would like to have one of my own, someday!!! I have been feeling a little under the weather, but now I am busy preparing for my new website... The creativity is always flowing after the New year for me, I love it! Until next time my sweets :)
    Warmest blessings to you!


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