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"Let me kiss your chicken lips" my 4 year son says, pulling my head down toward him. He has a little bedtime routine that he made up which involves kissing mommy's forehead, each cheek, the tip of the nose, under the chin and then the chicken lips. He holds my face in his hands and maneuvers it for each kiss.

Sometimes as they're getting into bed one of the kids will ask, "Sing me my song?" When they were babies I made up a little song for each of them. My oldest was born on Valentines Day so his song has some silly sweet words ("You're mommy's little sweetheart - You're the frosting on the cake - You're the jelly in the donut - You're the fishies in the lake...")

When I found this white chocolate rasberry cake on sale at the bakery this morning, it set me thinking about sweets for the whole day! First donuts, candies and all sorts of things that are kept hiding in the "goody bin"... Then those sweet things I hold dear to my heart (chicken lips, baby songs, those just woke-up eyes...)

(What kind ? How to find.)

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