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Scent Adventure

Oh my stars!! Have you ever seen such lusciousness?! It's Velvet and Sweet Pea's Perfumery. You have to take a tour of their website! This is how I came to find them: I was searching the internet for a good deal on my favorite perfume, when I discovered a most darling story whose characters were based on fragrances. "How original, unique, amazing..." thought I. So, in true inspirmertial form, I HAD to find out if there was more! Oddly, I discovered that there's a dark side to perfumery (potions and all, who knew?!) so I've gathered a few into a Keep & Share document. Read them here.

Just as I was ending my search one of the google results caught my eye... "Digital Scents". HUH? If you're thinking Febreez Scentstories, think bigger! Imagine with me... You're watching a beach scene on tv and you actually catch a little whif of sea salt (check out You're placing an order online for a new perfume. You know you'll like it because you used the scent dome plugged into your computer to try it out (go to There is even a scent dispelling device that can enhance fear and excitement while playing video games (see! And there's a blog all about digitizing fragrances (Digiscents). Should we all go buy stock now??

Well after all that, somehow I ended up at Velvet & Sweet Pea's. When the website opened and the lovely pictures unfolded, I took in a deep breath and sighed. No, I didn't smell anything (maybe the popcorn I made earlier) but the photos and the words were at once so poetic, my only thought was, "mmmmm.... I love this place!" It's like Magnolia Pearl in a fragrance! There are tidbits of interesting facts, delicious photos, recipes... They even offer a Perfumery Adventure. Read on: Set in the delightful Perfumery itself (or the location of your choosing) and led by Laurie, the Perfumery Adventure offers the chance to sample scents from all over the world while hearing tales both marvelous and strange. From the visual allure of antique apothecary bottles to the once-in-a-lifetime chance to smell some of the world’s rarest plant essences, the Perfumery Adventure is an experience like no other. Oh, you just HAVE to visit the site!

And I was thinking I was so scentually creative when I made the firelogs on Christmas Eve! =)

I guess I always knew that a fragrance could carry me away. It's what I hope will happen to him when my husband kisses my neck. Romance... Dreamy adventures...Exciting new places... Hopeful new year... (sample Lauries scents here or try a different brand each month free get link here)

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