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Pink Leaves

We're going to be working on the blog template today and when I say "we", I mean Sara from SadieOlive. I hope to have some wonderful new links for you to browse!
Just a couple pictures today. I found this set of "Autumn" plates last year around this time and, whatd'yaknow, they're pink and green leaves! Unfortunately, I only have four but they fit so perfect in my scheme that I just had to keep them.

This is my mom's new Fall outfit that she got at Goodwill. I didn't do a very good job with the pictures, but the details on the dress and jacket are amazing - bits of lace and old buttons! So cool!

She only wears skirts and they have to be ankle length so this was perfect. When I was a kid she used to wear blue jeans and had the best outfits of all the moms. My friends and I used to borrow her clothes. She had a princess Leah hairdo and was so artsyfartsy everything she touched was beautiful. These days she's trying to be more modest with her clothing. I'm not quite there yet and probably never will be. I love my jeans!! I'll be the white haired granny in denim and some kind of victorian jacket, and by then it'll be SO out of style but I won't care because I'm a firm believe that if you wear what you feel beautiful in, you're beautiful! That said, I would definitely wear this lacy shabby outfit!

I'm off to start housecleaning and school work with my little ones. Happy Monday! (p.s. Mitch is at school this morning!!)


  1. I love your Mom's outfit! I can't wait to see what you and Sara come up with.

    Glad Mitch is back in school and feeling a bit better.


  2. Hi Polly,

    So glad that Mitch is doing better, that is wonderful news! That outfit is so cute! Hope your week is off to a great start :)


  3. Your Mom's outfit is beautiful:) I am a big fan of long skirts.

    Have fun with your new design!


  4. I just know Sara will do a fab job! Your Mom's outfit is soo pretty!! Yup, I'm gonna be on of those grannys too!
    So glad Mitch is better!

  5. What an adorable outfit! I never find anything that cute, even new!

  6. Your blog is coming along great! I see three columns.... Glad that Mitch is doing better! Your Mom's outfit is really cute...

  7. That is a terrific outfit!!!!!!
    How neat that the plates have pink and green leaves!

  8. Polly,

    I like the three columns on your blog. You can put so much on either side. Looks great! And your Mom's outfit looks good also.

  9. The template is looking great!! I'm loving pictures on both sides. And I'm so thrilled to hear that Mitch is back in school. Praise the Lord!

    As for your mom's new outfit, I love it! I'm with you though, I will never give up my jeans or sweats for that matter! But, I appreciate a woman who wants to be more modest. I just wish I was one of them.


  10. I have a favorite thrift shop and it's always loaded with finds...I'm off to the hunt tomorrow

    ...bless you always touch my inner soul

  11. Wow Polly that is an amazing outfit your mother picked out tell her if you see her that my mom would probably like it too. It's Monday(ugh)I don't like Mondays. Especially because i have to go back to school! Okay. ttyl(talk to you later)

  12. Cute outfit! But I'm with you about the jeans. I love them too. I like your new blog layout.


  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your mom's outfit. And I'm learning to really like ankle length skirts too, and I'm far from being a granny. There was a time, I think when I didn't own more then one skirt. Things have really changed, and I don't know how it happened. I just like how I feel in long skirts - beautiful.

    Glad you like the braids and overall apron. I noticed you like Anne of Greene Gables too. Good choice.


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