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Secret Garden

I received an email last night from my husband. Since he works from home, I was surprised to see his name in my in-box. When I opened the email a single picture popped up. If I haven't mentioned before that I'm terribled spoiled, now you know for sure. This is my anniversary gift and I'm so excited for it to arrive. Today I may be mistaken for a woman who needs to be medicated! And it's called Ruby Tuesday! How fun (especially since yesterday was Tuesday)!

Have you been over to the Victorian Trading website? I started getting their catalog a few years ago. It's one of those that I browse through slowly, enjoying every morsel. I definitely recommend the Castle & Cottage version! It's full of delicious furniture and home decor. They even have free e-cards. In fact, some of the images I used yesterday were from there. I had shown the picture of the jacket to my husband several weeks ago but I don't actually buy much from this catalog because it's all pretty expensive (for a Goodwill gal like me anyways).

We've been planning a little trip this weekend into Galena, IL so I was under the impression that we weren't doing gifts. What a wonderful surprise! Now I'm hoping that it'll cool down a bit. Of course, the weather man is predicting near 90 degrees for the weekend. Well, it's going to get cold sometime soon, right?! ...So let me tell you about Galena. It's one of the most darling cities full of historic houses and unique stores all lined up in these quaint old buildings.

Because it's a big tourist area in the Fall, we booked our hotel a few months ago. We just discovered that this weekend is the Country Fair. It's like Christmas in October at my house today!!

I had to help make a delivery for a customer the other day and she had such a gorgeous Autumn inspired house that I just had to show you. She just moved in about a month ago.

Her dinning room is a pale pumpkin color.

I didn't get a very good picture of the kitchen but it was such a neat old room. That's the table we were delivering - very long and narrow with drop leaf sides. She plans to use it for a center island. Just outside of the back door is a charming little courtyard. I was peeking out the door when she told me that she has a secret garden...

And sure enough, there's a side garden completely hidden away. It can't be seen from either the back or the front of the house. I really wanted to go exploring but it probably wouldn't have been too professional so I took a quick picture from the window...

It's not a great picture (hey, what do you expect... I'm sneaking pictures with my cell phone, lol) but you can see that she has ivy growing off the neighbors fence and flowing over into her yard, up the brick garage and just everywhere. It was so beautiful, I was a little envious. I had to remind myself to be happy for this elderly couple who only moved to our area a month ago. How wonderful for them to have such a lovely home. And how wonderful that I got a glimpse!

Well, since I'm going to be gone this weekend, I have loads of work to do for ebay auctions so I'd better get moving. I hit some good sales with Mom yesterday so there will be some great new stuff for ebay... Can't wait to show you everything.


  1. I LOVE your new coat!!! You are for sure spoiled but isn't it wonderful to be loved so much??!! And I adore Galena. I have been there a couple of times. We used to visit it when we went up to do the Heart of the Park Antique show in Milwaukee.
    I am happy for you!!

  2. what a fun new coat...sounds like a fun-filled weekend for sure...i will be in chicago teaching on the 23rd...are you close??? ...blessings, rebecca

  3. Hi Polly,

    What a beautiful coat! You lucky girl you :) Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend :)


  4. Polly, such a cute coat!!! Not one thing wrong with being spoiled, girl.

    Living in Georgia for many years now, I miss going to places like Galena. I've been there several times in years past and love it.
    I look forward to your report on the "Galena trip"


  5. Polly the coat is gorgeous! I had not heard of Victorian Trading Co. but I am definately going to check it out. BTW if I go wild and get myself in trouble there, I am going to blame you LOL!!
    I hope you have a great time in Galena.
    PS I did not get to watch it yet, last night was too busy. Hopefully tonight.

  6. That coat is like, swoon, fainting, swooning.....Love it!!! What a good hubby.

    And, what an excitig little trip you are taking. I love OCTOBER!!!xoxo

  7. Oh Polly, your coat is beautiful. And I love the pumpkin dining room. Isn't that just a beautiful color? It's just inviting no what time of the year it is. Have a great trip in Galena and be safe!


  8. LOVE that coat! Looks like a fabulous fall and winter for you! Thanks for letting us visit! It was fun!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  9. You are spoiled because you are loved and appreciated! I'm jealous of the coat!
    Loved the pics...very very charming.

  10. Aw...I love your coat!
    Ruby Tuesday...Perfect.

  11. Your coat is soo pretty! What a sweet hubby you have! Hope you have a great and safe trip! =)

  12. Love that coat, very beautiful! I will check out the catalog, thanks for sharing the link!


  13. What a romantic husband you have! I love the coat and I love the catalog. I have ordered adress labels from them.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Love your coat and what a sweet husband you have. Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful weekend!

  15. How romantic! I hope you both have tons of fun!


  16. What a Beautiful Coat, Thats so great, my anniversary is coming up soon too. How many years?

    Thank you for join the gratitude dala, I actually posted tonight ,lol :)


  17. Oooh, geat coat! Looks like you have a fun weekend ahead at that country fair too! Just the kind of thing Ilove to do with MY sweet hubby! Have a great time!

  18. POLLY!! WHat a GORGEOUS coat! You lucky lucky girl! :) I LOVE VTC but I haven't got the catalog in awhile looks like it's time to renew.

    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes xxoo

    Have a great time this weekend.


  19. Oh, how sweet! From what I am seeing, reading, feeling from you, I think the coat is perfect for you!!! It is lovely! Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Love your coat!! Tres chic! Your friend's house is so pretty and love her colors.

    happy day!


  21. What a thoughtful gift. Happy anniversary to y'all!

  22. Polly, I adore your Ruby Tuesday Jacket! Yes indeed, I am a huge fan of The Victorian Trading Company. I love their catalog. By the way, you will look gorgous in that jacket, with your hair color and eyes. Hope it cools down so you can sneak it on for that HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DINNER! By the way,
    Your mom looks beautiful IN THAT PICTURE! Actually, reminded me of myself thirty years ago. HUGS from A Pink Rose, Ruby

  23. Polly, I love your new coat!! And it sounds like you are going to have a great time!! Enjoy yourself and let us know what you find!! :-)



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