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Apparently I'm "IT". Miss Sophie Honeysuckle tagged me (though I must say again that I really only wanted permission to use her photo yesterday). So, I shall go hide my eyes behind the nearest tree and begin to count... 8 random things about myself:

1) I don't care one little bit for large parties or gatherings! It's some kind of paranoia thing.

2) Though my ex-husband would tell you that it's orange, I'm a natural redhead with unruly curls.

3) When I get overwhelmed, I paint. I just shut out everything and paint away. Most of it's horrible.

4) When I'm very angry, I clean. My family knows that if they come home and the house is gleaming, they're all in trouble.

5) I don't like feet - people feet (animal feet are ok) - other people's feet - even my own feet.

6) I love thunderstorms. The dark sky, the way the air feels different - I love it!

7) I write and trade fiction stories via the post with my 10 year old niece (her stories are better than mine).

8) I'm an independant paralegal with a degree and 17 years of experience. My kids are amazed when I tell them that I spent many years investiging murders, accidents and all sorts of things that sound more interesting than they really are.

The one thing that I want people to know about me above all else, is not random! It may sound cliche but if you knew me well, you'd know that I hate cliches and I want very much to be believable. Here it is, the one thing... Christ saved me from my wretched self and the wretched mess I made of my life! Anything beautiful in me or my work is from Him!
Now, if there are 8 people out there who have not ever been tagged, I dare you to show yourselves!

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