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Well, I got as far as getting the paint cans up to the sewing room! BUT I found curtains on ebay for that room. And the last miracle curtain for the dinning room has turned up too!! I've been blessed with the kindness of so, so many wonderful ebayers lately that I wanted to share a few of their names with you. Please take time to visit them and if you have something particular in mind, ASK THESE GALS because a few of them have their own antiques stores, one has a whole antique mall! And those who don't have a full store available to them are like many of us and have rooms full of things just waiting for the right moment!

I told you yesterday about Joellen from Town Peddler. She has an antiques store with loads of goodies! Ask her, and I'm sure she'll take the time to see if she has that something you're looking for. I found this pic on her website. I never can resist Shirley Temple.

These are my new sewing room curtains!! April at La_Prima_Rosa is such a dear. She had the perfect drapes for me and even one to spare!! You can expect some more totes.
And look at this amazing Rose Tole candle holder that she has in her ebay store.

These are my MIRACLE dinning room curtains!! I am SO IN LOVE with them. I can't wait to get the wall paper up (I got columns and arches that have climbing roses) but first I have to paint - UGH! Michelle at Back Through Time was so thoughtful to call me when she got one last curtain in from the estate!! I just can't thank her enough.
Michelle has an antiques mall and she will surely have access to anything you might want. I wish I would have found this vintage swimsuit last summer when I was decorating a room with old boat ores and the "3 Hour Tour" theme =) It's on her website now. (Hey, take a look at that yummy pink pillow!)

Sue at Urban Gardens has fabric that you would not believe! When I can't find something, Sue has it. Now, I don't know the details of it but Sue has her own designs printed! (I want to do that someday). This one she calls, "Sweet Sue". She has some reproduction barkcloth that is really stunning!

Cozy Cottage Decor has new canvas prints!! I can't tell you how excited I am about these. This fab lady created some water-slide decals for me last year of the roses on my favorite china! It's been so wonderful to add these to other items in my kitchen and get things that match my vintage china!!!

Rhonda at Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs is an amazing artist! I have purchased her handmade, hand dyed paper roses over the years and I LOVE them. She can attach them to a clothes pin so that, though the pin is not visable from the front, you can attach them to ANYTHING. I have some in my daughter's room right now attached to a trellis along a portion of the ceiling molding. These are versatile, easy to use and so, so lovely! Imagine all the work!!! I'm very grateful that she has learned the art of making these - because I sure wouldn't want to =)

These are just a few of the ebayers that are kind and wonderful to work with! There are so many!! I think I may start a "Spotlight" once a month so that some of you can get to know some of them. Kindred Spirits!!!


  1. Your blog is such fun!! Thanks for the link Polly:-)

  2. I just found your blog through a comment you left on Cathy's blog. Loving your blog!
    But I just had to tell you that I am SOOOO jealous of your Mom! I have been praying someone would give me a mini Air Stream someday!!! I want one sooo bad! Is that wrong?! Ha!
    Seriously, I am thrilled for her! Take pics so I am drool over it!

  3. Comment from Rhonda from rhondasrosecottagedesigns(ebay ID)
    Thank you friend for putting my roses on your blog page. It was so kind of you to think of me! I am always so very honored and feel so blessed when out of all of ebay, someone finds something of mine, and purchases it, or even takes the time to send a note of praise to me,God is good, and he has blessed me with your kindness! Can you believe, I have never before visited a blog. You are my first, and I am impressed! It takes time to do this, but it is really a neat thing. Thank you once again for your kindness! Sincerely your friend, Rhonda.


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