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My husband and I had a trip into the Chicago area yesterday to visit family so I just had to stop at Anthropologie and get some inspiration photos. I suppose I should have saved them for Insipriation Friday.... Let's pretend just for a few minutes that it's Friday...
This old wagon greeted me at the entrance.
And then just around the corner... the best mirror you'd ever want to behold yourself in.

I loved all the oven mitts and tea towels. And then there were the sunglasses displayed in sand.

LOVE, love, love like crazy that garden chair!!!

Gorgeously chippy table base.

A sun hat and worn old leather sofa...

I so want to train with these set-up & display artisits!

Even the cashier lanes are chic.

Part of a tri-fold screen. Handpainted on a canvas then stapled to the screen.

My kind of letter press! They always have the most unique lighting...

I think I could live comfortably way up in tree in this bird house.

And THEN there's the Princess & the Pea bed...

Doubtless, I would still be awakened by children somehow!

Beachy... Sails... & A Shell Chandelier

Yet another yummy chandelier.

Oh, it's just the dressing room...

And the great thing is that it's ever-changing! Each store is a piece of art and each one changes nearly every month!


  1. Loved your pictures! I literally could buy everything in that store and be quite happy. This store was particularly good - they're not all the same I've noticed. I went to one which I though was quite lame. But I loved everything in this one. Thanks for taking pictures - I really enjoyed them!


  2. I've been meaning to get over there and have a look but now I can save myself some time and view it all here, thank you!


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